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Jonathan James Bowen

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About Me
My name is Jonathan James Bowen. I was born in Wolfsville, Maryland in 1985.
My earliest childhood dream was to become a sponsored skateboarder... which
I accomplished at age 10.

At 15 years old I started dabbling in programming when I learned MIPS Assembly
to hack PS2 games. By 17, I was making my own games in C++ and Directx at which
point my new dream was to attain a position working in the game industry. I earned
my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science geared towards game development in March
of 2011. By January of 2012 I had accomplished my goal and accepted a Graphics
Programming position with a Michigan based game studio. I packed up my life in New
York and relocated for my career. I can now proudly say that I have multiple titles
under my belt and the list continues to grow.

My other interests include reading books, playing an assortment of musical
instruments, traveling, gardening, use and care of various weapons (primarily
guns and knives), honing my survival skills, playing video games, and spending
time with loved ones.

I love to learn and am always dedicated to broadening my interests and furthering
my education. I tend to be very light hearted and positive. I love to laugh and
simply enjoy life.