Rule the elements. Become a master
wizard. Create your own spells.
Save the world.

Download it here

Mana*Fest is a 2D RPG game for PC built in C++ and DirectX 9. It was designed and
developed during a span of nine weeks.

Mana*Fest was meant to be a precursor to a much larger, more in depth game that I had
been designing. The original concept will probably never be built considering the
complexity of the design and the fact that I am a solo developer.

Known Bugs
There is a bug which crashes the game when a player tries to create a spell using spell
pieces further into the inventory list than the first four or five. The bug is caused when
the game tries to remove the piece from inventory and places the item into a spell object
(the list containing the items is flattened to remove empty space in the middle of the list).
I know exactly what causes it; I simply have not had the time to fix the bug. It is unfortunate,
but the best I can do is warn you about the bug here.